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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ordinary Cartwheels

Oh, to be a kid again.

I was reading someone else's blog and she mentioned she can't do a cartwheel. This got me to thinking about things we did as kids and what we can't do as adults.

Here's my list of things I can't do, now that I'm a grown up:
  • Blow all of my paycheck ($200) on that rockin hot top and kickin' boots!
  • Spend every day, all summer long at the pool (or the sprinkler)
  • Freeze the bra of the first person that falls asleep at a slumber party!
  • Toilet paper the Coach's house!
  • Put love notes in a locker
  • Go to school dances and Friday night Football!
  • Play leapfrog, hide and seek, or Red Rover
  • A cartwheel

But, then I think of all the things I can do now:

  • Blow all of my paycheck on the mortgage and on that K-Dev hoodie and Converse high tops for my daughter.
  • Pay for an annual membership for my daughter to spend all summer at the pool.
  • Freeze my daughter's bra when she falls asleep? (insert Jerry Springer moment here)
  • Remove the toilet paper from my house
  • Put love notes in my husband's lunch
  • Chaperone school dances and Sunday afternoon NASCAR!
  • Play Rock Band - I play awesome microphone
  • Cartwheels - Honestly? I couldn't do one as a kid and I sure can't do one now.
  • Drink margaritas!

But, that last one, makes me think I can do cartwheels.

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