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We are three friends looking for the perfect well being. We are all married with children and work full time but have many different things going on in our lives and different paths on our health journeys.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ordinary Findings

Well, I just looked at the number of credits taken and what's left to take, talking about college of course. I've just realized I actually only have 2 years of school left! Woo hoo!

That puts graduating September 2010. I wanted to finish before Jocie finishes high school but she'll beat me by a short 4 months. That's ok too!

Just had to celebrate for me!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ordinary Weight Loss, Concerts, Car Problems, and School (oh my!)

Wow - it's been way too long since I last posted. Lots has been happening.

First things first, I'm now down 16.8 lbs and 8". I'm very excited and am hoping to be down 30 by November 1 when I do my first 5K. Wish me luck on this. Only 6.2 lbs more for 10% of my total body weight gone! And almost 1/2 way to Onederland! woo hoo!

I am wearing a smaller sized pair of jeans but I don't know the actual size as the tag has been cut out :)

I got to work this past weekend of TK's Light of Peace. Have almost the entire left side done. It was really nice to sit and cross stitch while watching the Olympics and not think about anything else. I'll get a picture to post soon!

Jocie has been to 2 different concerts since I last posted. First was in Austin, July 26th. Virgie took her and Irene. It was Jesse Lacey, Kevin Devine and another guy. She got to meet and speak with Kevin aka KDev. She was so excited. He told her he likes her glasses and they both sang one of Jesse's songs together while he was signing her stuff. She also got a picture taken with him.

The 2nd show was here in Houston on August 24th. Yup, the day before school started. She was supposed to go with Kat, but as usual, she cancelled - so I went! We had a great time. It was at one of the old warehouses turned into a musical venue, in a small room. There were only about 50 people total. Kevin again, was very personable. He came over to me and Jocie and introduced himself to us, shook our hands. AND, he remembered meeting Jocie at "The Jesse Show" in Austin. Holy moly, she was floating on air. Later she got a couple of his t-shirts and he autographed one. And, we got another picture of her with him. It turned out great. The first picture is Jocie making sure she gets the spot right in front of the singer! This is about an hour before the show started and only about 15 people in the room!
This one is when we were about to leave and Kevin was by the "merch" he was selling.

I'm having trouble with the main console in the Tahoe. Sometimes the speedometer, wipers, gas gauge and various other things may or may not work! Hopefully, we'll get it fixed this weekend. Just frustrating is all.

And, Jocie started Jr year! She has a FULL load. She has AP English, AP US History (she's excited about both of these), Chemistry, Algebra 2, and Spanish. Her two electives are Choir (of course), and Webmastering which she's thinking about changing to Photo Editing. Either way, she's feeling a bit overwhelmed but is looking into forming study groups with her friends. I'm nervous for her!

Lastly, I finished up with Business Ethics receiving an A - woo hoo. I'll be starting with Corporate Psychology on Thursday. We'll have Dave and Mike but Doug is coming back and Todd is going to join our team this time too. Toni is in this class too and may need a team, we'll have to see.

Ok, we'll I'm off to do week3 again of my C25K so wish me luck!